Tokenomics refers to the economics of a token, including its issuance, distribution, and demand.


Suistart (SUIS), the native and cryptographically-secure fungible protocol token, serves as a transferable representation of utility functions specified in the Suistart protocol code. Positioned as a utility token within the SUIS ecosystem, SUIS offers users various advantages.

The purpose of SUIS centers on establishing an incentive framework that encourages continuous engagement in the health and progress of the ecosystem. The SUIS token is crafted to acknowledge varying degrees of dedication to the launchpad. Notably, SUIS becomes essential for upcoming launches on Suistart, where users stake SUIS to acquire the Project's token during our Launchpad Token Offering . This underscores the concept that contributions fostering the sustained expansion of the DEX and the SUIS token, in particular, hold greater value than short-term perspectives.

Essentially, the SUIS token functions as an incentive for the Suistart community, encouraging a mutually beneficial relationship among its contributors. Only users actively participating, contributing to the network, or engaging in transactions will receive additional SUIS rewards. These rewards are allocated based on user activity, efforts, and transaction volume within the Suistart ecosystem.

Token Name: Suistart

Ticker: SUIS

Max Supply: 100,000,000

Token Price: TBA

Chain/Standard: Sui blockchain

Token type: Utility, Governance

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