How SUIS LBA works?

Securing token's price

Phase 1: Enjoy project's campains.

Participate in the project's campaign and receive the project's tokens: SUIS offers a rewards program that encourages users to engage in various activities (such as airdrop events, Zealy, partnership events, etc.) with the project's token as an incentive. SUIS rewards are accessible to anyone who interacts with the Project, subject to meeting specific eligibility criteria. Users who hold SUIS can also engage in yield farming for the project's token within SUIS staking pools.

Phase 2: Liquidity Bootstrap Auction (LBA)

Our LBA will consist of two distinct pools: Public and Private, each employing its own unique allocation calculation method.

In the Private pool, participant allocation will be determined by the user's performance in the project's campaign to receive a specific amount of the Project's token through airdrops. Users holding pre-airdropped tokens will be eligible for both the Public and Private pools. This setup fosters a competitive environment, motivating users to complete more quests and accumulate more points rather than merely signing up for the whitelist.

For the Public pool, users who haven't participated in any of the project's campaigns can join the launch by staking their stable coin, earning the project's token in return.

LBA Timeline: The LBA process unfolds over 130 days, during which tokens are held in the pool, but rewards can be claimed periodically.

Days 1-7: LBA ignites

  • Apply and contribute to the Private Pool and/or Public Pool.

By the end of this stage, users no longer can contribute assets to either pool.

Days 8-9: LBA stabilization

  • Users have the flexibility to withdraw stable coins or claim Project's tokens at any time, without restrictions.

By the end of this stage, users no longer can withdraw their assets.

Days 10-130: Token's price stabilization

  • The LBA officially commences: Public Pool and Private Pool tokens are locked over the subsequent 120 days.

  • LP tokens will be utilized to farm project tokens as rewards for participants in both pools.

Running the LBA for a quarter of a year serves the purpose of stabilizing the token's price, making it more attractive to potential investors in the future. The primary aim is to promote sustainable growth, rather than succumbing to short-term pump-and-dump dynamics. At the conclusion of the LBA period, users will have the option to withdraw all their tokens from both pools.

By the end of this stage, users can withdraw and claim their rewards.

Phase 3: distribution and price calculation

Conducting the LBA for a duration of three months will contribute to stabilizing the token price, rendering it appealing to prospective investors in the future. The primary objective is to foster long-term development rather than succumbing to short-term pump-and-dump dynamics. Following the conclusion of the LBA period, users will have the freedom to withdraw all their tokens from both pools.

Token Valuation: When you engage in the SUIS Liquidity Bootstrapping Auction, you become a liquidity provider (LP) for the auction process. The inferred value of the Project's token is determined by the ultimate ratio between the collateral (Stablecoin and/or SUIS token) and the native token (Project's token) in the pool, expressed as follows: Project's token price = Total amount (Stablecoin and/or SUIS token) / Total amount (Native token - Project's token) in the pool.

Example: Alex's Participation in SUIS LBA

Alex, a cryptocurrency enthusiast, had 15,000 X tokens that he obtained through a pre-airdrop event from Project X. When he heard about the SUIS Liquidity Bootstrapping Auction (LBA), Alex decided to get involved and contribute his X tokens to the auction.

In this hypothetical scenario:

  • Total X Tokens Staked in LBA Pool: 200,000 X tokens

  • Total Stable Coins Staked in LBA Pool: 100,000 USD

  • APY for LP tokens: 100%

Calculating X Token Price

The X token price in the LBA can be calculated using the formula:

X Token Price = Total Stable Coins Staked / Total X Tokens Staked

X Token Price = 100,000 USD / 200,000 X tokens

X Token Price = 0.5 USD per X token

So, in this example, the X token price in the SUIS LBA is 0.5 USD per X token based on the given staking amounts.

Calculating Alex's Reward

Since Alex contributed 15,000 X tokens to the LBA, let's calculate his reward based on the X token price:

Alex's Reward = (Number of X Tokens Contributed + (1/2)*LP pool reward*Alex's share of the pool) * X Token Price

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