What is SUIS LBA?

What is SUIS Liquidity Bootstrapping Auction (LBA) ?

The SUIS Liquidity Bootstrapping Auction (LBA) is introducing an innovative approach to kickstart the Project's token, aiming to promote fairness, reduce vulnerability to price fluctuations, and make it more accessible for individuals to participate with their capital in the initial project market liquidity.

Unlike traditional pool-based token launches where prices are fixed, the LBA operates differently. It facilitates a gradual price discovery process over a specified timeframe while maintaining several distinctive features. These unique aspects include:

  1. Extending the price discovery phase using a specific pricing curve.

  2. Innovative, accessible and transparent pool.

  3. Implementing LP token vesting and incentive structures.

The SUIS LBA extends an invitation to everyone to engage in the launch process, acquire project's tokens, and receive rewards for active participation.

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