Swapping in SuiS allows for easy exchange of SuiS tokens for other tokens with a small trading fee, part of which is redeposited into the liquidity pool as a reward for liquidity providers and stakers

The SUIS platform will simplify the process of exchanging SUIS tokens for another token. It will be implemented through a standardized protocol that facilitates cross-communication between the Sui blockchain and other blockchains, enabling the execution of smart contracts. The aim is to create a smooth and user-friendly experience for the decentralized finance ecosystem.

Suis has implemented a straightforward method for exchanging or swapping SUIS tokens with another token. To facilitate the process, users will only incur a nominal trading fee of 0.2% for swapping one token for another. Of this fee, 0.15% will be reinvested into the liquidity pool, which will serve as an incentive for liquidity providers.

Additionally, a portion of this reinvested amount, 0.05%, will be directed towards the staking pool, providing a reward for staking tokens. The entire swapping process is facilitated by Smart Contract (SC) protocols, which not only speeds up the process but also reduces the costs involved. The use of SC protocols ensures a secure, efficient, and streamlined process for swapping SUIS tokens with other tokens on the Suis platform.

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