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INO Launchpad

Introducing SUIS INO

Suistart is proud to introduce its Initial NFT Offering (INO) platform, a revolutionary crowdfunding approach for NFTs. The INO will function alongside the launchpad and offer a direct way for artists and art-related enterprises to offer their limited edition NFTs to fans in a fair manner. The platform aims to provide scarce NFTs with limited circulating supply, one-of-a-kind limited edition mints, fair distribution, liquidity, an interactive user interface, low fees for minting, avoidance of hoarding, development of a finance market around NFTs, convenient and easy listing practices, and good return on investment. Suistart will support all types of NFTs, including but not limited to profile pictures, collectible cards, artwork, game items, digital real estate, and metaverse offerings.

How it works

To participate in a SUIS Initial NFT Offering pool, a user must stake 2000 SUIS and can only make a purchase of 5 NFT packages. Once the user is eligible, they can pay for the NFT packages and the items will be minted via smart contract and sent to their wallet. 20% of the revenue from the sale will be used to buy back and burn SUIS tokens, while the remaining 80% will be sent back to the team.

Launch expectation

The SUIS INO platform is expected to launch at the end of Q2, with the first project to be revealed in early Q3. Suistart is committed to seeking community input in deciding what projects to offer and aligning with user interest.